Sweet Treats from Paloma Candy


We are excited to be a supplier of the gorgeous range of sweets from Paloma Candy.

Treat yourself to a box from one of our four favourite shapes and flavours and sweeten up your day or night. 

Heart Eyes

These Heart Eyes gummy lollies are made up of a triple layer of love hearts in the sweetest pink and cream palette, finished with a dusting of sugar crystals. Strawberry - rose flavoured made with real fruit.

Sweet Lips

These lip-shaped, fiery-red gummy lollies not only taste delicious, they will make sure your selfies are flirty, sassy and game strong. These lip lollies also pack a punch of flavour, and taste just like sweet, ripe strawberries. They're also made with real fruit juice.

Champagne Fizz

These petite, fizzy bubbles feature delicious, champagne-flavoured jelly centres covered in delicate, pearl white 100's and 1000's.

Every bite tastes like a burst of fine, French champagne. Cheers to that! 

Champagne Jelly Beans

These beans are just like a regular ol’ jelly bean, except they’re not. Because OMG they taste exactly like tingly, sparkling, French champagne. 

Each champagne-infused jelly bean also shows off a festive, iridescent golden glow with a shimmering finish, making them perfect for every celebration.

Paloma Candy are an adult range of candy company based in Noosa, QLD. With an amazing range of sweet treats, you can also customise these little beauties for wedding favours or company gifts.

Proudly supporting Australian owned and operated small businesses.

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